5 Job Opportunities at Yetu Microfinance Bank: Senior Credit Officer

Position: Senior Credit Officer

Reports to: Branch Manager

Number of vacant positions: 5

Supporting new and current clients on loan and credit products:

  • Setting up meetings with clients to obtain information on their loan needs;
  • meeting and interviewing credit applicants in order to determine risk factors;
  • determining the most suitable loan option; and
  •    Providing guidance on the lending process.

Assisting the Manager, before the loan’s approval or rejection, by ensuring the client meets the requirements to obtain a loan:

  • Collecting information and processing each file to the closing stage;
  • contacting other financial institutions to verify the financial background of loan applicants; examining applicants’ assets and finances;
  • analyzing the applicants’ capability to repay loans by conducting a thorough
  • assessment on creditworthiness; and
  • submitting a detailed report regarding any abnormality on the processed file.

Ensuring the repayment of approved loans and credits:

  • Ensuring that all related paperwork follows regulations and standards;
  • ordering appraisals to be conducted on applicants’ properties and reviewing the title
  • insurances;
  • calculating payment schedules; and
  • monitoring clients in order to guarantee their timely payment and maintain portifolio at risk at maximum of 3%

Maintaining detailed records on the transactions executed daily:

  • Organizing all paperwork and updating database systems; and
  • keeping a thorough daily record of every activity and incidence held at the institution.

Processing, reviewing, and completing loan and credit requests:

  • Verifying the documentation contained in each application; and
  • submitting the application to the manager for the credit or loan’s approval or rejection.

Contributing to ongoing professional business development activities:


  • Cooperating with the bank’s endeavor of achieving a gross revenue and net operating income objectives;
  • working alongside colleagues to gather marketing information, statistics, and trends;
  • and building and maintaining an important customer base.
  • Drafting all administrative paperwork including reminders, warnings, and updates in order to inform customers on relevant financial matters on theirs accounts and their status. Ensuring compliance with all internal control and established policies related to loan products in order to guarantee transparency in every application processed.

 Daily tasks

  • Contacting and setting up meetings with prospective and current loan clients.
  • Interviewing loan applicants in order to determine and evaluate all risk factors.
  • Communicating with other financial institutions to request details on clients’ 
  • Promoting the institution’s services and assisting clients in determining the most suitable loan to meet their financial objectives and needs. Submitting the processed applications to the manager with the observations found in order to approve or reject the loan. Keeping loan files and clients’ information up-to-date by completing credit and loan documentation, preparing detailed reports, and maintaining comprehensive computerized records. Attend clients either in group meetings or individually
  • Providing good quality of customer service according to company policies.
  • Researching, gathering, and analyzing data to make effective and profitable decisions. Staying up-to-date on applicable current regulations

 Qualifications and Experience:

  • A minimum of Advanced Diploma or Bachelor Degree in any related Business Field
  • Minimum relevant working experience of 4 years in microfinance/loans

Details on how to apply.

If you fit the description, please send you application and CV (in pdf only, we will delete anything else in other format) to [email protected]

The Subject of the email should be, Application to the Position of Senior Credit Officer.

Application will be evaluated on rolling basis until a suitable candidate is hired.

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