19 Best Small Business Ideas in Maharashtra to Start in 2022

Maharashtra is one of India’s biggest states and a major industrial powerhouse. It is well-known for its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and scenic beaches and hills.

Mumbai, the country’s financial hub, is a significant contributor to the Indian economy.

Many small workers and employees travel to the state in quest of work.

Because of the expansion in many industries, Maharashtra offers numerous opportunities for startups and small companies.

In this post, you will learn about some of the greatest business ideas to start in Maharashtra that demand minimum capital.

Top 19 Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Maharashtra

Here are some of the top 19 profitable small business ideas in Maharashtra that require little investment and yield a high return.

1. Textile Industry

Maharashtra is one of India’s most important textile producing states.

The state accounts for around 10.4% of total textile and garment output in India.

Homepage. Many places in Maharashtra are well-known for their textile mills, such as Malegaon, Solapur, and Bhiwandi.

Maharashtra offers good retail and wholesale textile marketplaces and producers, making it an excellent place to establish a textile business.

Many prominent textile and garment marketplaces in Mumbai are known for fashionable and cheap clothing.

You can specialize in a certain area of the textile industry, such as jeans, t-shirts, shirts, traditional clothing, and so on.

You may also limit your options to to sewing, printing, and other garment-related jobs.

Choosing a certain specialty would need less investment and will assist the firm in increasing its recognition and growth.

2. The timber industry

These are not common business ideas in Maharashtra; you must be knowledgeable in this sector and aware with the rules and regulations, as well as the legal procedure involved.

However, once you’ve mastered it, your future business possibilities are bright.

Nagpur’s high-quality timber is well-known across the world.

There are several options in the timber sector; you can make furniture or work in the pulp and paper industry, whatever choice you want.

3. Start an Organic Fruits and Vegetables Shop

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Maharashtra is one of India’s most important agriculture producing states.

According to data, the fruits and vegetables sector in Maharashtra contributed around INR 372 billion to the Indian economy in fiscal year 2018.

Organic fruits and vegetables are in great demand as more individuals become health-conscious and make permanent changes to their eating habits.

The organic fruits and vegetables business has a successful daily turnover and profit margin, and it does not require a big investment.

There are several urban regions in Maharashtra where people choose organic foods.

With the increased demand for organic fruits and vegetables, there is a huge potential for startups and small companies in Maharashtra to start this company with minimum expenditure.

You may start your organic vegetable and fruit company in a shop or online.

4. Automobile ancillary services

Almost all of the major automotive firms, including Renault, Land Rover, Tata Motors, Mahindra, and Fiat, are headquartered in Pune.

You may begin dealing with these businesses by providing services such as auto accessories, clothing, replacement parts, car refrigerators, auto electronics, and so on.

These businesses are prepared to engage automotive service providers in order to increase their sales and obtain a substantial market share.

These provide new business opportunities in Maharashtra because these are services that are not widely available in the local market.

Pune, with its car center, has provided a boost to Maharashtra’s small business concepts.

5. Start a Fast-Food Restaurant

One of the finest local business ideas to start in Maharashtra is a fast-food restaurant.

Many local and international travelers visit Maharashtra to sample the state’s delectable street cuisine.

The most well-known fast food in Maharashtra is Vada Pav. Aside from vada pav, other popular fast meals include pav bhaji, misal pav, and poha.

A fast-food center in Maharashtra that sells all of the popular street meals and fruit drinks always makes a lot of money.

To start a fast food company in Maharashtra, you must have enough space in a congested area, such as near a railway station, schools, colleges, marketplaces, and so on.

Many internet delivery services can assist your fast food business in expanding its reach and visibility in a certain region.

6. Tourism Agency

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Maharashtra is well-known for its tourism attractions as well as Maratha culture.

Maharashtra attracts a large number of foreign and local tourists due to its ancient sites and attractive natural scenery.

Maharashtra was the second most visited state by international visitors in 2014, and the fourth most visited state by domestic tourists.

Maharashtra offers numerous prominent religious sites, hill stations, and historical monuments that both international and domestic tourists enjoy visiting.

With numerous tourists visiting throughout the year, tourism is one of the finest Maharashtra business ideas.

You may either establish your own travel business or work as a tour guide, teaching visitors about the city’s culture and history.

Starting this business does not need a large investment. However, familiarity with tourism attractions is required.

7. Start Your Recycling Business

The blossoming of these entrepreneurial concepts in Maharashtra has been aided by government support and trials of incentive packages.

All you need to do is find prospective sites where waste material is thrown that may be reused.

Place the recycling bins in key areas where you collect garbage from your outdoor activities.

Yes, before putting recycling bins, make sure you acquire authorization from your local authorities.

With a modest investment, you may start a small business in Maharashtra and steadily develop.

8. Become a Real Estate Broker

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The real estate industry in Maharashtra is one of the fastest expanding.

The state has a thriving housing market for both renting and buying. Upcoming infrastructure developments such as metro, airports, and motorways will increase state connectivity.

The number of house purchasers in the state is rising as a result of increased connectivity and required services.

Benefits and initiatives are being offered by the state and national governments to stimulate the growth of the real estate sector in Maharashtra.

Starting a real estate business in Maharashtra is the ideal alternative for you if you know your neighborhood well and have a solid network.

You can apply for a license and look for office space to establish a real estate consultancy firm.

You may, however, run the business from home and post your available homes on several real estate sites online.

9. Start a Mobile Food truck Business

These are the latest business concepts in Maharashtra.

Start a fast food mobile truck or an ice cream mobile truck; these company ideas in Maharashtra have a high development potential due to the fast-paced work environment.

Determine your truck route based on population coverage, and deliver quick and ready-to-eat on-the-go services.

Working folks are looking for anything that will save them time.

The location and fast delivery service of these small company ideas in Maharashtra seal the bargain.

10. Start a Staffing Agency

Another great business idea in Maharashtra is to start a recruiting firm.

Many international corporations and industries in Maharashtra collaborate with job recruiting services to hire people.

Recruitment agencies assist large corporations in finding the ideal candidate for a certain position.

The recruiting team examines the candidate’s profile and conducts the interview to determine whether or not they are qualified for the specific job post.

As a job recruiter, you would assist both businesses and workers, as there are many jobless people in Maharashtra looking for work.

It is not difficult to start a recruiting business. You must have connections with many firms and a strong network in the job recruiting field.

You may post positions on internet job boards or offer them via direct messages or emails.

11. Become a Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is very important in a well-connected social setting.

People of renown, well-known celebrities, and businesses engage social media consultants to maintain their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

They are compensated well for their efforts.

You have the option of working full-time for your employer or freelancing your services.

These are the top business ideas in Maharashtra that are on the rise.

12. Start a Mobile Repair and Recharge Shop

Because mobile phones are frequently broken and many individuals do not know how to recharge their network plans online, most mobile repairing and recharge businesses are always busy with clients.

It is a low-investment small firm with a high profit margin.

You may start a mobile repair shop by enrolling in a mobile repair or a mobile engineering course online or at a nearby institute.

It is more advantageous to open a cellphone recharge and repair business in rural areas and villages.

Along with cellphone repair and recharging, you may also offer mobile accessories such as earbuds, headphones, chargers, and so on.

13. Become a professional Dietitian

If you have a nutritionist and dietetics degree, Mumbai is the place for you.

The city is teeming with well-known celebrities, models, emerging stars, struggling stars, high-income earners, and the whole film fraternity, which is the most health-conscious group in the country.

They hire a dietician to look after their physical health.

A nutritionist’s role is to advise their clients on how to eat a healthy diet.

These are modest business ideas in Maharashtra that make a lot of money.

14. Open a Bookstore

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Another great small business in Maharashtra that takes minimal investment is book stores.

Many cities in Maharashtra, such as Pune and Mumbai, have numerous educational institutions for professional courses.

According to 2011 census statistics, Maharashtra’s total literacy rate is 82.34 percent.

Maharashtra has a large number of schools, colleges, private coaching, and other educational institutions.

Students from several Indian states travel to Maharashtra to further their education.

Maharashtra’s bookshop sector is profitable since the state’s education economy is large.

You may sell old books to students for less than the cost of a new book.

It is more advantageous to open a bookshop near schools, universities, or other educational institutions.

15. Establish an Export-Import Business in Maharashtra

Mumbai is India’s financial capital. It has a massive export and import business potential.

Maharashtra is the second largest software exporter in the country.

Anyone with expertise and experience in the global market can start an export-import firm in Maharashtra.

16. Open a Dance and Music Academy

The entertainment sector in Maharashtra is one of the most important contributors to the state and national economies.

Because Mumbai is the birthplace of the Bollywood industry, many dancers and singers travel here to begin their careers.

Because of the presence of the Bollywood industry in a state, creating a dance and music academy is one of the finest small business ideas in Maharashtra.

To get started, you can engage excellent dance and music teachers.

It is critical to have an academy in a modern setting with enough space in order to attract more pupils.

17. Children’s Store

Expansion in the retail business creates a commensurate need for real estate, and growth in the online mode of shopping creates a great growth potential for local and international retail organizations.

Starting a children’s store with all related items is a profitable small business concept in Maharashtra.

18. Grocery Store

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Grocery stores are always in high demand. You can open a food store near a residential area or in a market.

The grocery store business is one of those that grows rapidly and makes a lot of money.

You can look for a commercial shop and buy all of the necessary grocery products based on the amount of money you have available.

You may also conduct your grocery business online by using a website or an app.

19: Start a Security Firm

Growing public awareness of security and safety concerns has encouraged outsourcing of public security tasks, and technological convergence and integration are two of the most significant contemporary trends in the security and safety business.

Security-related ventures are unquestionably the most popular small business ideas in Maharashtra to start with a minimal initial investment.


Apart from the concepts listed above, there are several other low-cost business opportunities in Maharashtra.

You may establish a good business for yourself based on your budget and location.

To avoid company failures, you should first study about the market and your rivals.

Having an interest in a certain business will help you remain patient and strong during the business’s difficult times.

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